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    Unanswered: text color

    I have a database where I have written VBA code to track changes that are made to the data in a form. The code I have is After Update and is as follows:

    Dim db as database
    Dim rs as recordset
    Set db = currentdb()
    Set rs = db.openrecordset("Select*from[tblRECORDCHANGES]")
    rs![Oldfield] = field.oldvalue
    rs![Newfield] = field.value
    rs![Date] = Now()

    My question is this. Can I make the [Newfield] = field.value put the info into the tblRECORDCHANGES in another color, i.e. red? If so, how would I do this in code?

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    Lightbulb Colour field

    I think that it possible to see that in the form.
    Table is is object that handle your data and you cann't do that.

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    No. At the table level changes to the font (type, size and color) apply to all of the fileds in the table. So if you wanted all the fields in the table to be red then you can do that. But if you want to display it to the user then you can do it in a form. And you can make it look like a table if you want.

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    You could also try playing with the conditional formatting. You can set multiple criteria and change the colour of the text and cell depending on your criteria.

    On the form, select the control, then select Format --> Conditional Formatting.

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