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    Exclamation Unanswered: cannot list tables or other objects

    Sometimes, when a try to list tables or view (or access Management, etc) Enterprise Manager hungs up.
    Using SELECT * FROM SYSOBECTS also freezes the process. But the SQLServer is operational for data updates and retrieves.



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    SYSOBJECTS along with SYSINDEXES, SYSPROTECTS, SYSDEPENDS, SYSCOLUMNS, and SYSCOMMENTS are the most frequently used system objects in every user database. You should ALWAYS use (NOLOCK) when attempting to directly retrieve data from those tables.
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    You might also want to use the information_schema views rather than looking up directly in the tables. They're more typing but if this is part of a script/procedure having a lifetime that might span generations of SQL Server, this is safer. The system tables can change; the views will be kept stable.

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