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    Unanswered: Un-able to delete record from query

    Iím un-able to delete records from my query

    Thatís how the select statements look

    SELECT [Group Creation].GroupCreated, Students.StudentRecordID, Students.GroupID, Students.StudentID, Students.DateJoiend, Students.FirstName, Students.LastName, Students.ParentsNames, Students.Address, Students.City, Students.StateOrProvince, Students.PostalCode, Students.PhoneNumber, Students.EmailName, Students.Major, Students.StudentNumber, Students.Notes
    FROM Students INNER JOIN [Group Creation] ON Students.GroupID = [Group Creation].GroupID
    ORDER BY [Group Creation].GroupCreated, Students.GroupID, Students.StudentID;

    Iím using this query just for sorting purpose,

    Can anyone please look at the attached sample DB and see if they have any solution?

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