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    Unanswered: ADO connect - Access Project


    I'm using Access project as FE and SQL Server as BE. Connection from FE to SQL server is via NT login authentication and in my codes, I simply used "currentproject.baseconnectionstring" as my ADO connection string to connect to the server.

    This worked fine until I realised that I might want to use SQL logins instead of NT logins to access the sql db. But with this, baseconnectionstring will not work (it will not provide the password required). To solve this, just have to make sure the user 'save the password' while logging in. But this is unsafe.

    If I am not asking for too much, is there any other ways to establish a valid connection with SQL (via ADO) which having the user to save the password while logging into the Access Project file during launch?

    Any advise would be grateful..

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