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    Unanswered: Unexpected shutdowns Progress 8.2 DB


    I've just inherited a Progress DB version 8.2, so I have limited knowledge of Progress administration. Lately we have been experiencing unexpected shutdowns on the database. The event log reports the following error:

    Message from PROGRESS database i:\xplorer\db\xplorer (5199)
    SRV 3: SYSTEM ERROR: wrong dbkey in block. Found 1375933824, should be 33756544 (1124)

    After which NT4 receives a DrWatson error and the database shuts down.

    Firstly, I believe it to be a hardware error, and I replaced the disk which the database files reside but the error still persists. Once the database shuts down I can restart it and users can continue working, sometimes the error will not re-appear for up to a week.

    From what I have read, I now suspect the DB is damaged and needs to be repaired. Any ideas on the best course of action?


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    Probably you should dump all tables content to a text files (each file contains the data from one table) and then load them into a new empty database with the same logical structure as the old one. If your database is used by Progress 4GL application the new (empty) database has to have the same CRC for all tables.
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    Bogdan Brzozowski

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