I created table address record in Access 2000 with Name, Address, Phone and Email. I used VB6 with ADO Data Control 6.0 and DataList Control 6.0 and I had Datacombo1 (name), 3 texts box (address,phone and email) and Adodc1 (ado data control). With no code, just use properties to connected.
When I ran program everything wonderful, all links and show record all fields. I click Next..Next and Prev..Prev on Adodc1 had been working great, all records showing... hihihi, love it... but ... life was not easy...
When I click and select item on Datacombo1 all records on 3 texts box not showed. I start to think Datacombo was not link back to Adodc then I need to write some code:
Private Sub Datacombo1_Change()
Adodc1.Recordset.Bookmark = Datacombo1.SelectedItem
End Sub
Wonderful, they are showing all records. But not... Datacombo1 list look messy, I saw double and tripble Names in the list after I click next or prev Adodc1 and click other name in Datacombo1.