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    Unanswered: Getting started

    I am new to Oracle (not even sure what the latest versions out there are - though I have some experience with Sybase).

    Can someone chart out for me a course of action, so as to get well versed with Oracle. (Books, any good internet resources, downloads etc.)


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    read the sticky at the top of these forums entitled:
    Guidance and resources for posters

    in that post there will be many links to documents that you will need to
    read and review.

    Any of Tom Kite's books are a good investment.
    The first few chapters in "Expert One-on-One Oracle" are great for education
    on advantages and differences of Oracle versus other databases and how to
    design successful oracle applications/databases.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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    That's wonderful. Thank you.

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