I have a report that captures the amount of time it takes for a series of processes to run within a job. For example: Each job may have one or more steps. I capture the start time and the end time for each step and I use a formula to resolve the amount of time that it takes for each step to run. After each calculation, I zero it out for the next job, if any. I have another formula that gives the total time for the job to run, which is a sum of the time for each step within that job.

I've created a bar chart which illustrates each step within a job. I would like to be able to have the "X" axis show the minutes, as I have the "Y" axis showing the individual steps. When I try using my formula for this, I get a Crystal Reports error. The error is: "Group Specifried on a non-recurring field."

Is this to say that there is no way to specify the minutes on the "X" axis without having a total time field in my table? It seems to me that this should be possible without having to have a physical field like this within a table. As of now, the "X" axis specifies in seconds as I'm using a formula that subtracts the end_time from the start_time. I cannot seem to find anything that will allow me to do this in minutes. Is there a programmable way that I can do this.

There is also erratic thing that happens with two jobs in the total time. All times convert correctly except for two: One comes out as 36:75, when clearly, it should be 37:15. And one comes out as 16:60 when clearly this should be 17:00 and it only happens on those two. Has anyone experienced this behavior in Crystal Reports 10? Is this an internal problem and/or is there a patch for it?

Thanks in advance for your help.