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    Unanswered: Need help with a query

    I have four columns: wbs1, wbs2, wbs3, amount

    I need to find out if there are any records that have the same wbs1, wbs2 and if they have both null and not null values in wbs3.
    For example:

    wbs1    wbs2    wbs3     amount
    123       12      1        0         
    123       12             1000
    I had tried doing this:
    Select * from (Select wbs1. wbs2, wbs3, amount from lb
    where (WBS3 = '') AND (Amount <> 0)as A Join
    (Select Wbs1, wbs2, wbs3, amount
    from lb
    where wbs3 != '') as b 
    ON a.wbs1 = b.wbs1 and a.wbs2 = b.wbs2 and a.wbs3 = b.wbs3 and a.amount = b.amount
    any ideas would be great.

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    these columns seem strangely familiar, where have i seen them before?
    select wbs1
         , wbs2
         , wbs3
         , amount
      from yourtable as x
     where 3 =
         ( select sum(distinct
              case when wbs3 is null 
                   then 1 else 2 end )
             from yourtable
            where wbs1 = x.wbs1
              abd wbs2 = x.wbs2 )
    note this is a correlated subquery, joining each row of the table in the outer query to all rows (including itself) with the same wbs1 and wbs2

    the case expression will evaluate to either 1 or 2

    then the DISTINCT will resolve all of them to either 1 or 2 values

    thus the sum will be 1, 2, or 3

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    Oh wonderful, thanks so much for your help.


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