We had a UDB 7.2 running on HP-UX11, in preparation for migration to UDBv8, we need to migrate HP-UX11 to HP-UX11i first. But when we completed the migration of O/S to 11i, UDB7.2 failed to start. We later found that /var/opt/db2/* files are no longer there ! our Unix administrator insisted that I have to find and list all files that DB2 needs so it can be restored accordingly. I am shocked by that requirements. Anybody has done migration of HP-UX from 11 to 11i, and how DB2 should be taken care of ? to be more specific, should /var sub-directories be taken care of by the O/S upgrading process, or we, DBA, is fully resposible for what DB2 requires and restore db2 files under /var sub-directory ? Thanks in advance.