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    Unanswered: Download data to files


    I have a table that contains about 330 millions of recods .. the problem is that I need ( for a client requierement!) to download those records to a files, each file must contain 10 millions of records .. currently I have a ProC program that do this, declare a cursor, execute a query, open the cursor and write each record to a file ... this procedure is too much slow ! .. The question is .. How can I do this more efficiently? and fastly ! ..

    Thanks a lot!

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    >procedure is too much slow
    Please quantify.
    Without actual facts, any guess is as good as another.
    Where is the time being spent?
    Where's the bottleneck?
    Enable SQL_TRACE to see where Oracle is spending its time.
    Why Pro*C when SQL*PLUS can do the job?
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