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    Unanswered: Email through SQL

    I am trying to setup my sql to send automatic emails to different companies but I am not doing so well. The user puts an email address in the database and then presses a button (command button) that will execute a stored procedure xp_sendmail to a recepient. I need to know how to include read receipts and delivery receipts into the stored procedure, because right now its set up in his outlook as a rule to do this and I want to set it up in sql. The user deals with companies and these companies have several contacts with several email addresses which sql will store in a seperate table.

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    Hiya Des...I'm sure others more knowledgeable will soon come to your rescue, but I don't think there are that kind of specific email options in xp_sendmail. However, Though I use the xp_sendmail quite a bit, I am no expert (as my recent thread posting shows).

    HOWEVER, that said, perhaps you could send a "regular" email to your user from SQL Server, then set up some rules in Outlook to massage the necessary options and forward the email on to the appropriate customers? I know that's kinda a round-about way to get there, but it seems to me that it would work if nobody comes up with a definitive answer from SQL Server...

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