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    Unanswered: cannot create link using response.write

    I have this code I got from microsoft which I changed a little bit. The code works as far as it is supposed to but the problem I am having is the last line of code where it writes a link for the page I get the following error:

    Error Type:
    Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A0408)
    Invalid character
    /doneweb/createexcel.asp, line 64, column 16
    link="<A HREF="/?scid=%26+fileexcel+%26">Open Excel</a>"

    cant figure out why I am getting error. The first part of the code actually executes and it creates the excel file in wwwroot, the problem is just with creating the link to that file and being able to execute it.

    Here is the code from the page:

    'Create a randome Filename
    nRandom = Int((1000000 - 1 + 1) * Rnd + 1000000)
    fileExcel = "t" & CStr(nRandom) & ".xls"

    'Replace 'MyWeb' with your virtual directory name or just the
    'slash if it is at the wwwroot.
    filePath= Server.mapPath("\")
    filename=filePath & "\" & fileExcel

    'Create the File with extension .xls using the FileSytemObject
    'If the file does not exist, the TRUE parameter will allow it
    'to be created. Make sure the user* impersonated has write
    'permissions to the directory where the file is being created.

    Set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set MyFile = fs.CreateTextFile(filename, True)

    'Open the connection and retrieve data from the database
    Set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

    'The following open line assumes you have set up a System
    'DataSource by the name of Pubs pointing to the Pubs database.
    'You must change User UID=<username> and
    'PWD=<strong password> to the correct values before you run
    'this code. Make sure that UID has the appropriate permissions to
    'perform this operation on the database and select permissions
    'on the Authors Table.
    'If you do not have SQL Server, see notes below for how to modify
    'sample to work with an Access database

    cn.Open "DSN=Employees"

    Set rs = cn.Execute("Select * from Borrowers Where LeadDate > #" & Request.Form("date") & "#")

    strLine="" 'Initialize the variable for storing the filednames

    For each x in rs.fields
    'Separate field names with tab so that these appear in
    'different columns in Excel
    strLine= strLine & & chr(9)
    'Write this string into the file
    MyFile.writeline strLine

    'Retrieve the values from the database and write into the database
    Do while Not rs.EOF
    for each x in rs.Fields
    strLine= strLine & x.value & chr(9)
    MyFile.writeline strLine

    'Clean up
    Set MyFile=Nothing
    Set fs=Nothing

    'Show a link to the Excel File.
    link="<A HREF="/?scid=%26+fileexcel+%26">Open Excel</a>"
    Response.write link


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    Try this:

    link="<A HREF=""/?scid=%26+fileexcel+%26"">Open Excel</a>"
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    Thanks that worked it was able to write the link, but if i click on the link it takes me to my default home page not to the excel file. How can I fix this?

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    sounds like an issue with the link.. you're pointing to "/?scid=&+fileexcel+&". This will automatically direct the request to your default index file.. and pass that parameter..
    That which does not kill me postpones the inevitable.

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    How do I get it to point to the excel file that was created ?

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