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    Unanswered: Problem using Database Link in Oracle Developer

    Hi all,
    I have a problem using a Dblink in an Oracle Forms 6 procedure.
    the facts:
    1. dblink has been defined correctly and it works fine when used in tools as TOAD and SQL+
    2. another dblink used in the same Forms procedure worked fine until yesterday.
    3. I have changed the dblink in the procedure today and Oracle Forms crashes when i try to compile.
    4. User i use to compile is the same i use in SQL+ or TOAD when i check that dblink works (and it works)
    5. dblink i used until yesterday linked db versions 7.3.4 -> 7.3.4 ; new dblink is 8i->7.3.4

    Do you know what i can do?
    Is there any ora.init parameter i should check? (already checked global_names=false)



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    Although I do not use the link via forms. I have not encountered any problems with database link between versions.

    Only suggestion I can make is to check the compatibility settings in your init.ora to see if that has an impact.

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