The new version 1.4 of microOLAP Database Designer for MySQL has been released. Since now it supports the new features of MySQL 5.x: stored procedures and functions.

What's new:

[+] Added support of MySQL 5.x stored procedures and functions.
[+] Added reverse engineering of stored procedures and functions.
[+] Added stored procedures and functions manager that allows to change parameters of stored routines with easy.
[+] Support of "before and after object create" scripts was added. These scripts allow executing of custom SQL statements before and after generation of tables and functions.
[+] Ability to create multiple objects of the same type was added.
[+] Ability to set the number of diagram sheets for printing was added.
[+] Ability to add headers and footers to diagram pages was added.
[-] Column Editor: setting of integer fields size is corrected.
[-] Fixed bug occured on the Create Report tool launching.
[-] The table comments weren't reverse engineered and generated.
[-] Fixed bugs in the print preview.

Direct download link:

How to install:
Unzip and install it over the old version.

How to extend trial period:
E-mail us at, and we'll send you temporary
registration key if 30-days fully functional trial is not enough for
you for any reason.

What about educational discounts:
E-mail us at, and we'll provide you with the
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