Saving Form/Documents into a Database(mysql), specific to its user.


I have created a Login with data entry specific to its USERS.

I would like to learn on how i do this.

First, i have a Database in mysql, which has all the User details. The user can login (in ASP), new ones can create an account, and update accounts.

Until now, i have made a page, where once the user logins in, they go to the specific page which also states thier ?ID=XYZ, but this is a specific page that all go to.

Now, i require to build one, where it goes to a page that is his last logged in page. There should be an option to create a form, and send this to specific locations.

Also once this form is sent, a copy should be appearing as a link (to a docoment like file, where everything from the form is pasted together)
when the person logins in everytime.

Its like Email (without the connectivity bit!), so the person can view what he last updated/newform pasted/detele old ones...

I just want idea for everyone on how this can be built and have would be the basic technologies.
eg. save stuff in databases...