We setup a linux cluster based on the ssi kernel (openssi + ci) and are looking at setting up sybase HA on this. Its a two node cluster on the OS side. My ASE version is 12.5.2 32 bit.

But it looks like ASE supports only the Linux|VeritasCluster option and not any other clustering tool on linux. When i run sp_companion "primary",configure.... on the secondary, it errs out with Error 18737. My understanding of the sequence is this:

Sp_companion (in config mode) -> sp_hacmpaccessvrfy -> ha_checkalive -> sybha -> Script name got from clustertype -> returns value to sybase on cluster node status

I can see in spt_values an entry for Linux|VCShaASE. I know that the VCS hares binary gets called for this combination.
This is what is in spt_values (i got it from using Vincent Yins program to do a sql "based" bcp)

insert spt_values values('Linux|VCS-HAase', 10, 'ha', NULL, 10, NULL, NULL)

What i need to know is how ASE associate this particular clustertype with the binary sybha has to execl... ?

I am looking at adding "Linux|SSI" to the database in spt_values and have it locate, say /opt/ssisybha to check the cluster status from the command prompt. Right now I have no clue what this execl;ed program is to do.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out with this or point me in the right direction to do this.

Srinivasan Mohan.