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    Question Unanswered: Filling a table with patrol based on a set range

    I’ve got a table that has road names and mile posts in it. A second table has a list of patrols with the roads, beginning mile post and ending mile post that they are responsible for. I want to create a third table that will list all the roads in table one with the patrol name that fits between the beginning and ending mile post. Some of the roads in table one will not fall into the criteria in table two so it should list in table three that ‘no patrol’.

    I made a query and only get the roads that fall into the ranges of patrolled roads in table two. Or get multiple entries of the roads in table one; one listing the correct patrol and the remaining listing ‘no patrol’.

    Perhaps there is another way of performing this.


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    Private Sub control_AfterUpdate

    comboBox.rowsource = "..."

    End Sub
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