Here's my situation, follow me if you can. I have an invoice report that contains Account Info, a list of any and all ads that belong to a customer, and total due information. Each invoice needs to have a header (with a logo and address) and then the account info, followed by all ads (could be 1, could be 100). Each ad has a subtotal underneath it and at the very bottom of the invoice, there is a total column that gets a SUM of all of the subtotals for that particular invoice. I wanted each page in the invoice numbered like (Page 1 of 2, or Page 1 of 5)

The problem comes into play when I try to print a large number of invoices at once. The report is based on a query that prints all invoices for outstanding accounts. When I run it, the header (with logo) appears on every page (because it's in the page header) and the "total" column appears all the way at the end of the report. I need the header logo to only print on the first page of the invoice and the total to only print on the last page of the invoice. Additionally, the page numbers look like this currently: Page 1 of 110 - for all of the pages, when they should reset for each new invoice. Is there any way to group a particular customers invoice pages together and get all of the information in the correct place?