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    Unanswered: Updating dropbox

    Hello all,

    I'm experimenting with Access to see if I'm able to automate some of my office job.

    I'm trying to make a simple database to manage our internal bufferstock process.

    I have created a table with all the infor about product, model, partnumber, etc.

    I want to have a form where I can use dropboxes to quickly select things like product or partnumber. Most easy for me is to have these dropboxes linked so when I choose a certain product, the info in the other dropboxes is already limited to that range of products).

    I have created a query where I use the "product" field of the form as criteria
    The data of this dropbox is extracted from the table itself.
    Secondly I linke the dropbox for "model" to this query (expecting the output of the query would be the listing of the dropbox).

    This works.... but only once. If I change the "product" by re-selecting one in the dropbox, the dropbox for the model is not updated, unless I manually run the query again and then it works one more time and I have to run the query again, etc... Of course this is not my idea of automation

    I think I need some way to have the query re-run when altrering the first dropbox (with the product list inside), but can't get this done.

    Appreciate any help to get this fixed.

    Thanks in advance!

    Grtz Paul.

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    If I understand what you want correctly, you should put a code behind the two drop down menus to requery the information. Such as:

    Private Sub Product_AfterUpdate()


    End Sub

    Private Sub Model_AfterUpdate()


    End Sub

    once a box is updated the second box will re run the query and alter the list


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