I am having a problem with locking, and it is crashing our website.
I suspect it is a locking problem because everytime the database goes down, I ftp into the site and see the dreaded *.ldb file.
Access is suspose to support from 15 to 20 concurrent users, right? The log files show no more than two or three users accessing the database at the same time. By "same time" I mean within one second.

Below is the code which updates the database. Can anyone see anything wrong with this?

Also, if I wrote the information to a text file with the FileSystemObject instead to Access, would I solve the problem of locking?

BEGIN CODE -----------------

sub OpenDB(sConn)
'Opens the given connection and initializes the recordset
conn.open sConn
set rs.ActiveConnection = conn
rs.CursorType = adOpenStatic
end sub

OpenDB sConnStats

'Get ID's by Names
lIdOS = GetIdOS(sOS)
lIdColor = GetIdColor(sColor)
lIdBrowser = GetIdBrowser(sBrowser)
lIdPath = GetIdPath(sPath)
lIdRef = GetIdRef(sReferer)
lIdRes = GetIdRes(sResolution)

sSQL = "SELECT * FROM Stats"
rs.Open sSQL,,,adCmdTable

'Save the data
rs("OsID") = lIdOS
rs("ColorID") = lIdColor
rs("BrowserID") = lIdBrowser
rs("PathID") = lIdPath
rs("RefID") = lIdRef
rs("ResID") = lIdRes
rs("Date") = date
rs("Time") = time
rs("IP") = sIP

'Terminate database connection