Hi All,
Wonder if you may be able to help. We use a database that records scores for CSA's calls and a form whereby radio buttons are used to mark of certain failings. Each radio button is assigned a column in the main table as the control source, giving a value of 1 for fail and 0 for a pass.
However depending on the final score they are awarded a grade (Grade 1 Pass, Grade 2 Pass, Grade 3 Fail, grade 4 Fail, Immediate Fail) I have a text box that returns this value in the form, depending on the total score of the questions. I have included some new criteria, and included this, in the calculation of the final score and all works. But since amending the form recently (and i did not touch this box) the final score is not being entered into the table anymore. The last 5 columns in the main table are assigned each one of the above mentioned grades (If they achieve Grade 1 Pass then a 1 should appear in the Grade 1 Pass column) and because the result of this cell needs to reference to more than one place in the table i cant work out how get the info from my form into the table. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Durant