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    Unanswered: Exp for Entire Database gives error on ORACLE


    When I start exporting the entire database I get this error

    ORA-3113-end-of-file communication channel

    ORA-01041 internal error. hostdef extension doesn't exist
    Export terminated unsuccesfully

    When I try exporting schema userwise it works fine.

    I tried doing the same from server,but still the same error.

    Pl. help

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    Hmmm, have you checked the alert.log for errors? That might shed more light on why it's happening.
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    What is your Java Pool size. When you shrink it down to make room then do a full export the full export will fail when trying to export the fava stuff. If it is below 64M (I think) set it to this and see. I did see a patch that wanted 128M of java to install the patch properly if you installed this patch with Java to small it could also cause problems.

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