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    Unanswered: Impossible Crosstab Percentages?


    Just starting out with Crystal and have run into a problem. I have made a crosstab for hours spent on certain tasks by certain people. These are the left hand groups and the month is shown along the top.

    I need to get the percentages to show for each person, per activity, per month. So 1 person might spend 1 hour doing A, 1 doing B and none doing C, so I want A to show 50%, B 50% and C 0%.

    If you look at the picture attached you can see the layout, and the circled cells are the ones I want to calculate percentages on.

    I have played with changing the row/column percentages in the crosstab expert but these are over the whole column, where as I just want per person.

    Is this possible, or is there another way around it,

    Any thoughts much appreciated
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    Hi - I apologize to reply to your question (which is one I'd like to know to) with a question of my own, however you seem to know the answer to a question many people are having.

    In your crosstab, how do you get your percentages with 2 decimals? It can easily be done in a standard report. One would think to get it done in a crosstab, you simply go to Format Field -> Customize -> Decimals -> 1.00, but it doesn't work. Could you provide some insight? Thanks!

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