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    Question Unanswered: Golmine 5.5 trouble - need help please


    Firstly let me say sorry if this question isn`t placed in the right subject matter as i have not got a clue what most of them mean.

    My question is related to Goldmine 5.50 .... I am trying (very trying for weeks now) to simply send out HTML email .... when i do a test run into my outlook express it comes out all weird-> Like this

    <!-- Written by GoldMine : Version 5.50.10111 -->
    <BODY text="#000000" link="#0000FF">

    I have gone over the HTML settings so many times now and they all seem correct altough i am sure i MUST be doing something wrong. Can anyone please advice?

    Any tips are really welcome

    Kind Regards,

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    RE: Golmine 5.5 trouble - need help please

    This is not a Database problem. This is most likely because your outlook is not accepting HTML emails, not Goldmine. Try sending the same email to a goldmine email account to see if you can view it fine there. Try some other email programs too (if you have webmail that would be ideal) This is probably old, so Email if you have more questions

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