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    Unanswered: Best 3rd party tool for admin and development?

    Hi all. I'm looking for recommendations on a good 3rd party tool for administering and developing in Oracle. I'm using an evaluation version of TOAD right now, which is much better than the tools included with Oracle, of course. But I can't compare it to other available products such as ERWIN ro Embarcadero's ERStudio.

    Looking for any personal recommendation or experience.

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    If you are evaluating embarcadero product evaluate DBArtisan not ERStudio.

    I think any third party tools are similar in functionality and decision/comments will depend more on price and look and feel.

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    PL/SQL Developer by AllRound Automations.

    Extremely user friendly - less than half the price of TOAD - I believe its only $150 plus $50 support a license.

    Contains all of the features of anything else, and some I like better. My favorite feature is viewing previous SQL you have run - but unlike the other tools, you see the full query, not just the top 3 lines.
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