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Thread: Error trapping

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    Unanswered: Error trapping

    If an error is trapped in code, does anyone know how to tell what function, module, and/or line the error actually occured on? I have been using global variables and setting them as I enter a function and/or new module but that gets a little tedious. Also I have to be careful to remember when I cut and paste code. Thanks in advance.

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    Naming convention in error handling

    I have encountered this with same type of thing with some apps I have wrote. What I have taken on the habit of doing is for each module or class object declaring a const

    Const MODULE_NAME = "This is my module"

    Then for each subroutine or function

    private Const METHOD_NAME = "This does something"

    Then in your error trapping you can construct your message box

    msgbox "There was an error with " & module_name & ": " & method_name & vbcrlf & err.number & ": " & err.description

    This will let you know where the error occurs etc.



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