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    I have a list box of staff. It is a multiselect list box.

    What I would like the system to do is to
    A. select each staff member that is assigned to a particular staff (multiple staff per project)
    B. If the staff assignment changes, updated my table of staff and project

    my thoughts so far are to
    1. Based on the selected project pull in the assigned staff. with the Recordset cycle through the list box and for each item in the recordset changed the value of the respective item in the list box to selected

    2. For any changes, delete all values from the tblIssueStaff and insert each selected item from the list box.

    My problem: I have the second part figured out. I have the first part of the first part figured out. How do I change the value of a particular item in a multivalue listbox?

    I know this is an easy one but it is escaping me at the moment. Any help would be appreciated.



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    although it isn´t complete clear to me, but you could have a try with :

    a listbox.requery, if listbox is bounded

    or listbox.column(##) = newvalue, where 0 is the first column

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