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    Unanswered: Please Help, query based of selected item of combobox

    I have a windows form that contains a combobox that is used to select a item, and based on the selected item value, it populates the rest of the information. I'm new to MySQL, and I can't find any documentation to help me with this. So, If someone could help me I'd really appreciate it.



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    First populate the combo boz, with the set of items which the user has to select from, and then in the onChange event of your combo box, get the value of the selected item. Then use a select query on the table from which you want to get the details and use the value of the selected item in the from clause..

    some thing like this...

    select * from tbl_name where col_name = sel_value

    then you will get the recordset, and then you can populate the other elements with the value from the recordset.

    Hope this helps...

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