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    Unanswered: replace everthing in the column with a string of characters

    hey guys,
    how to do i clear out everthing in the column till the last record(row) and insert a string of characters such as xxccffkkss12s34. I would do a find and replace macro but there are so many different combinations of a user_ID so i have to clear out everything until the last record with "xxccffkkss12s34". Every cell should have that. Also, new records are added each day so excel needs to know what the last record is instead of me scrolling down manually to the last record


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    Insert the string "xxccffkkss12s34" to the first cell of your column then select range from 1 to n of that column and click on Edit menu --> Fill --> Down

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    Keyboard shortcut to get to the end of the column: CTRL + DOWN arrow
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    Or in Code
    Sub FillDown()
        Dim Lastrow As Long
        Lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
        Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(Lastrow, 1)).Value = "xxccffkkss12s34"
    End Sub
    This works on Column A from row 2 to the last row,
    as ive just stated in your lastpost Cells comand works like this Cells(RowNumber,ColumnNumber)

    or a quick find replace macro would work like this

    Sub FindReplace()
        Range("A1").EntireColumn.Replace "*", "xxccffkkss12s35"
    End Sub
    The * above is a wildcard for anything, this code wont replace blank cells to do this we wouold need to find the lastrow select the range then run 2 replaces 1 with "*" and the other with ""

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