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    Red face Unanswered: XP and Bitmaps not working

    I have an Access 2000 DB which uses Linked Pictures in an Image object which worked fine under W98se but on my new machine which is windows XP the Bitmaps are distorted. The Image object is set too Zoom as the BMPs are larger than the image object size (resizing is not an option).

    I've done some tests and if I create a new form and insert an Image object and link it to one of my BMP files it works fine, even when its set to zoom, but when I use VB code to change the image it is distorted, colours are all wrong. It looks like what ever compresses the image to the required size is not working correctly. But why is this only happenning when the image is changed by VB code and not when I insert a new image on the page, and why did it work in Win98 but not XP.

    Anyone any ideas ?

    I've updated Office. Using Ole automation is not an option.


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    The answer has been found !

    The file name that the Image Control's Picture property is being set to by VB code needs to have the file extension in CAPITALS, otherwise the Office graphics filter is bypassed.

    Strange but true.

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