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    Unanswered: CONSTRAINT.........pls help

    hi i am just a beginner, dont know much abt sql statements, just learning... i am doing an assignment.. in the first one i have to create some tables and produce some statements to join, project, update, delete etc.

    My problem is i am doing in on Microsoft Access.. i cant find how to put constraint.. for eg,

    in this staements above how can i put constraint to allow to put date of birth wh is only 1920> AND 1985< etc, and the balance should be more thn or equal to 0 etc. its just how to put constraint in microsoft access. i should use constrain as much as possible. plssss any help wud be really appreciated.

    CREATE TABLE Customers

    customer_id INT NOT NULL ,
    last_name VARCHAR NOT NULL ,
    first_name CHAR(10) NOT NULL,
    date_of_birth DATE,
    employment TEXT,
    address VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
    account_type STRING,
    balance FLOAT,
    interest REAL,
    overdraft CURRENCY ,
    last_modified_date DATE,
    last_modified_time TIME,
    PRIMARY KEY (customer_id),
    UNIQUE (last_name, first_name, date_of_birth),

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    A check constraint can only be specified for an MDB through ADO and with an OLE DB provider.

    With CurrentProject.Connection
      .Execute "Create table a (name number, check (name < 5))"
    End With
    Dim conn As new ADODB.Connection
    With conn
      .Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
      .Execute "Create table a (name number, check (name < 5))"
    End With
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    thank you very much for your reply....but u know... may be it sound silly..but i still really dont know abt these u have mentioned should i download tht microsoft jet 4.....or sth........i am really confused....

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