I am using software called ArcGIS (made by ESRI) and trying to make an OLE DB connection with MySQL. The one field I need to read (using VB) is a geometry field which is stored as a BLOB. I know the structure of the data but when I read the data, the leading zeros are absent. If I make an ADODB connection from VB straight to MySQL I don't have a problem reading the data. This is what happens when I am using the OLE DB connection in ArcGIS...

POINT(1 -565.45125) ' The type of feature and the X,Y

'Data string (HEX)
0101F03F8EC2F5289CAB81C0 ' The string that I read right now

'How the structure is defined

01: Big/Little Endian (2 Bytes)
01: Geometry Type (should be 8 Bytes)
FO3F: x-Coordinate (should be 16 Bytes)
8EC2F5289CAB81C0: Y-Coordinate (should be 16 Bytes)

The data string should look this...

Any suggestions how I should parse this or read the data so I can differentiate the compents of the string? Thanks for any help you can give!