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    Unanswered: Percentage Report

    I would like to do a report name children attendance showing
    1. Attendance of each child by week.
    2. Percentage of attendance for each child monthly

    Not sure if I have to run a query first or if I can do a report showing the above.

    Also the Children attendance table consist of ChildID#, Date & Attended(yes/no) field.

    Any help is appreceiated.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    The following code will create a query that will ask you to "Enter Month Number" and "Enter Year (YYYY)" each time you run it. I added the Year parameter because I hope you'll be using this database for many years. Here you go:

    SELECT [Children Attendance].ChildID, Month([date]) AS [Month], Year([date]) AS [Year], -Sum([attended])/Count([date]) AS AttendPercent
    FROM [Children Attendance]
    GROUP BY [Children Attendance].ChildID, Month([date]), Year([date])
    HAVING (((Month([date]))=[Enter Month Number]) AND ((Year([date]))=[Enter Year (YYYY)]));


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    This Worked perfect!!!!
    Thanks a million!!!

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