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    I have written an IT support program for our college using VB and Access and staff have asked if i could provide a web based client so they could create reports from home.

    So, my question is, which language should I use?

    Somebody at work said PHP would do the job but they have not a clue how to write the code. I only need to place about 7 list boxes and a submit button on the screen. The list boxes will draw data from Access using SQL statements and the submit button will write the data to the DB.

    I have knowlege of HTML but thats about it.

    any help will be much appreciated.

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    There r lot of options ..It depends upon Your webserver and also on your budget.

    If you want some very simple features with almost zero cost then you can go for PHP
    If you want to host it in Window Platform (with IIS Server) and can spend a few bucks then you can go for ASP or ASP.NET
    If your requirement is very complex or complicated then you can go for JSP or Java Servelets..

    First decide where r u going to host your Web Page and then start to select the language.

    I think PHP will do the job for you as your requirement is very simple.

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    Since your data is stored in an access database i'd stick with the monoploriffic microsoft software and use the IIS/.NET combo. Windows 2000/XP professional comes with a scaled down IIS server that would probably work for your needs. And you can use to write your code if you'd like. Its a free program from microsoft for writing .net code.

    Here is a fairly long thread about connecting to an access database.

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