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    Unanswered: Overwriting files

    This is possibly a deployment question but my problem is with the form i use to update my FE Client, Ive used some code example from

    So i have a FE (all forms etc... and a form that calls update.mdb from "g:\data\aad\latestclient\" and then closes)
    when update.mdb is run it replaces the FE(AADClient.mdb) on the users PC with a new file "g:\data\aad\latestclient.AADclient.mdb"(which is the latest version) after this it closes update and runs the new file.
    Now i can get this working on my C drive but cannot seem to get the same results over a network
    my paths are
    FE: users desktop\aadclient.mdb
    BE: g:\data\aad\backend\backend.mdb
    update util: g:\data\aad\latestclient\update.mdb (this is what copies to new file and overwrites the old)
    latestclient: g:\data\aad\latestclient\aadclient.mdb (this is the new file)

    can anyone have a look at form_open on update.mdb for me and tell me where im going wrong with this? rather that absolute paths id rather use "\\Ssgdc02\data$\data\aad\latestclient\" however i can change this once i know where my coding is going wrong

    ill attach my client and my update,

    thank you for any help on this
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    FE Client attached
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