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    Question Unanswered: Error: "Illegal SPL routine entry"


    Have a problem with exporting using "dbexport db_name -ss <ENTER>"

    When the exporting starts, it fails straight away and gives me the error
    "Illegal SPL routine entry" but no error code or other indication of what
    could be wrong. This system is running on Windows 2003 server and the
    informix server is version 9.30 TC1

    I tried to drop some procedures from the database, but still the export fails...
    but i assume this is something related to the procedures or ???

    the only thing that is written to the *.sql file is

    Create database XXXX delimiter Y
    grant dba....

    etc and then the error ...

    Have been searching for information about this error but have not found
    anything giving me indication of what could be if someone out there knows something please reply....

    Ingolfur Gauti Arnarson

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    Please run for each SPL dbschema -d database -f splname -q >splname.out
    Next recreate all SPL with error. Next run dbexport.
    Test for control caracter as (CTRL M, ^M, TABS...)


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    It sounds very strange, as I haven't ever seen dbexport writing a 'create database ' sentence, nor the 'Create database XXXX delimiter Y' sentence is an allowed one.

    Can you have a database schema? (dbschema -d db_name, and dbschema -d db_name -ss)

    If so, you can simulate the dbexport procedure (please check the syntax - I haven't an IDS system near right now):
    - From dbaccess:
    unload to 'unload_sql_commands.sql'
    select 'unload to ' || trim(tabname) || ' select * from ' || trim(tabname) || ';'
    from systables
    where tabid >=100 and tabtype='T'

    - Add this clause at the beggining ot the unload_sql_commands.sql file:
    database db_name exclusive;

    - Run it from dbaccess, or
    - Add the DBACCNOIGN=1 env. variable and run it from the command line.

    In the other way round, i'd be very surprised if everything runs ok in your system: 9.30.TC1 is quite an old release, but W2003 is sooooo new.... I've seen some issues with this OS and wouldn't recommend it until it's certified that IDS runs on this system (and you can bet the first certified version will be an 9.40.TCx release).

    In other words: I'd use the latest IDS release, and if I could, in the meantime I'd downgrade to W2000.

    Hope it helps.
    José Luis Matute.

    Regards from Spain.

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