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    Unanswered: Base Functionality Script

    Hello, everyone:

    In the BOL about Designing a Backup and Restore Strategy, it is mentioned there is a Base Functionality Script that should be run after SQL Server restored. What is Base Functionality Script? Just DBCC CHECKDB? Anything else?



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    A "base functionality script" is a batch of code that can be used to quickly demonstrate the successful functioning of the database from a specific application's perspective. Most commonly this is a .sql file with batched SQL commands run into the server from ISQL. For other applications, a .bat file is more appropriate because it can contain BCP and ISQL commands. This base functionality script is very application-specific, and can take many different forms. For example, on a Decision Support/Reporting system, the script may merely be a copy of a couple of your key reporting queries; for an online transaction processing (OLTP) application it may be the execution of a batch of stored procedures to execute INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements. The goal is to confirm, from a gross perspective, that everything is working as intended. The base functionality script provides a nice tool for the SA or DBA to be able to see that the database is back in a viable state, without depending on the end users for verification.

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