I want to share / synchronize / replicate data using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

Description of problem/situation:
I have a SQL Server located in our head quarters and several others in other plants. Everybody needs to synchronize with the main db and every user must be able to update/add/change data in this db. I was thinking to use ‘linked tables’ to establish the link but than I heard about some users who would like to travel with their laptop. That’s why I would like to set up a replication.
I started reading but after 5 days I still haven’t find the right way… I’m getting desperate!

This is what I tried:
1. configure publishing, subscribers and distribution (no real problems)
2. create and manage publications using ‘merge publication’ and ‘heterogeneous data sources’ (no problems).
3. create new subscription: I really don’t know how to point to the Access database (installed on client. I also tried to link with an Access db on the server but I also get errors). I already tried several set ups but still can’t get this thing working. I read somewhere on the internet that I need to configure a linked or remote server.

I also tried a variant using MSDE as subscriber (installed on each client) and than using MS Access to update/add/change the data.

And what will happen with the field ‘GUID’ when I add a row using MS Access?

Any help would be appreciated!