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    Unanswered: How to use Crystal Reports 8.5 to connect to a TTX file?

    I would like to connect Crystal Reports 8.5 to a TTX file which serves as

    a database, but I can't find any place to choose a TTX file under Data

    Explorer. Can somebody help me out with this? Thanks.



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    I've never connected to this type of data source before but it must be the same as any other, so:

    In Data Explorer first try using the Database Files option and see if you can browse to your source (if it resides on your hard drive/network).

    If that doesn't work you probably need to create an ODBC connection to your data source: open the Windows Control Panel and choose ODBC connections (it might be called Data Sources under the Administrative Tools sub-folder) and create a new System DSN.

    Then go back to Crystal (you might have to close and re-open), go into Data Explorer and choose the ODBC option.

    That should do it.

    Regards - Andy

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    Connecting to a TTX File

    To connect to a TTX file use the Active Data (Field Definitions Only) option.

    In Data Explorer, expand the More Data Sources node.
    Then click on the Active Data (Field Definitions Only) option.
    Use the browse button on the Set Data Source window to select your TTX file.

    Happy programming.


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