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    Unanswered: Multiple details lines on Subform

    I have a form that has a subform embedded in it. When the subform is displayed, there are multiple detail lines displayed (each line is coming from a different record in a linked table). The system tracks court cases and their hearing dates. The master file is named *Master* and the detail table is named *Hearings*. The linkage between the tables works fine. In the *Hearings* table is a field named *UPI* that is used in a combobox to link (via query) to a third table named *tblAgency* which contains a description of the UPI. The UPI_name field is not stored in the the table *Hearings*, only the UPI number.

    Problem #1: When I enter data into the detail section of the subform and select a UPI with the combobox, the description from *tblAgency* is placed in the *UPI_name* field on the form. The problem is that is placed not only in the *UPI_name* field for the current record, but for all records displayed on the subform. Example:

    In the table *tblAgency*:
    UPI Valid name for UPI
    123 Agency A
    456 Agency B

    What shows on form:
    Hearing Date UPI UPI_name
    01/01/2004 123 Agency A
    06/01/2004 456 Agency A

    How can I get the correct UPI name to show on each detail line?

    Problem #2: After I find a record and display the info for the court case, the *UPI_name* is not displayed in the subform. How can I populate the field at this time? Obviously I want each line to have the proper *UPI_name* displayed.



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    Problem #1 sounds like a result of the combobox for UPI not being bound to anything. If you want the information in Hearings then the field must be bound to a field in Hearings.

    Problem #2 I am not sure I understand this question. May be related to #1. Some things to look at with the ComboBox:

    1. How many columns do you have in the Combo Box? (Format/Column Count)
    2. Which filed is bound? (Data/Bound Column)
    3. What are the column widths? (Format/Column Widths)
    4. What field is the combo box bound to? (Data/Control Source)

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    Multiple details lines on Subform

    Adding the field *UPI_Name* to the *Hearings* table and bounding the field on the form to it fixed the problem.


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