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    Unanswered: Pop-up box for Birthdays

    Is it possible to have a pop-up box (reminder) for birthdays in a database? I have the DOB for everyone in a table and would like to have a pop-up when the database starts up stating the name of the person who has a birthday that day.

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    You can query the table for peoples birthday is today. If the query is not empty you could do whatever you want with the results of the query.

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    Here is a solution:

    Create a query called TodaysBirthdays and go to SQL View and paste this code in:

    SELECT [First Name] & " " & [Last Name] AS Name
    FROM TblChildrenPersonal
    WHERE (((Month([Date of Birth]))=Month(Date())) AND ((Day([Date of Birth]))=Day(Date())));

    This is based upon the DB that you originally posted here.

    Then download my attachment and unzip it. While still in your existing DB, do a File;Get External Data;Import and select the database BirthdayForm.mdb and select the form TodaysBirthdays and import it. Open the form and make sure it is working properly (you may need to enter a dummy record into TblChildrenPersonal for someone with a birthday today so you can see how it displays). If everything looks OK, select menu option Tools;Startup and select TodaysBirthdays in the Display Form/Page option. Every time you open this DB, this form will popup to show you today's birthdays.

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    Thanks TD you're the best!!!

    This works perfect.

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