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    Unanswered: Tran Log Backup question


    I have my tran log backup running every 30 mins. One of the log backups took 36 mins to complete. So at a time I would have two log backups taking place. It seems to me that the 2nd log back up did not happen at all ( I checked in the EM) as the first one wasn't completed by then.

    I am kind of lost here as to how to proceed.

    Please advise.


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    I don't believe that you need to "proceed" at all. I think that SQL Server fixed the problem all by itself.


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    Have you checked the history of the job? You can't take a backup (regardless of whether it is trx log, diff, or full) while another backup job is running. If your job took 36 minutes it means that either it was blocked (which is most likely) or the amount of data modifications was too big (in terms of GB's) so that it took that much time. I'd recommend identify the issue, ad if it's the amount of data, then you need to increase the freequency AND implement some CONTROL mechanism, or intelligence if you will, into your job, e.g. create a table that will hold a record when the job starts and delete it when it ends. Before the job can proceed check if there are any records in the table, and if there are, - exit the job.
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