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    Unanswered: Informix store procedure (version 5)

    Hey all,

    currently i have one problem, i had write one store procedure, but when i try to create this procedure, it always end up with syntax error. It only happen when i create it using informix version 5.

    CREATE PROCEDURE a_agent_proc(p_branch CHAR(3),p_intm_srl INT, p_mod CHAR(3))

    DEFINE t_count INT;
    # ^
    # 201: A syntax error has occurred.
    DEFINE t_agent CHAR(15);
    DEFINE t_comp_code CHAR(6);
    DEFINE t_branch CHAR(10);
    DEFINE t_name CHAR(25);
    DEFINE t_stat CHAR(1);

    LET t_comp_code = "33";
    LET t_agent = TRIM(p_branch)||LPAD(p_intm_srl,7,"0");
    LET t_count = 0;

    This procedure i used to create using informix version 7, and it works. Thats why i suspect is informix version issue. Can somebody help me on this??


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    are you using isql or dbaccess?

    I know isql doesn't recognise the create procedure syntax. (not on the version I'm using anyway)

    Does v5 even support SPL?

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    store procedure version 5

    Hey, i had successful create the procedure under informix version 5, just must using informix super user to do that.

    but i face another problems, the informix build-in function TRIM() and LPAD()
    are not recogniced by informix version 5, do informix have another build in function to trim off the space for character and format the numeric which informix version 5 understand??

    really need anyone help, thanks

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