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    Lightbulb Unanswered: problem with onbar


    i am using IDS9.4 on linux, when i run onbar with specified log file number logfile status flag is not changing to B from U.
    even there is no error message after onbar

    how to configure ISM, wat r environment variables must be set for ISM.

    when i run ISM_STARTUP giving error message bootstrap informaion failed

    is it posible to backup to local disk where IDS run. if so how to specify path in ISM

    i would be greateful if any one resolves my prob

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    You've posted several threads with about the same questions, you should keep following them instead of creating new ones, now to answer your questions:

    - If you havent configured any storage manager then onbar will not do anything.
    - If you dont have a default printer configured then ism_startup will warn you that the bootstrap could not be printed, its just a warning, not an error.
    - You configure ISM by adding devices (ism_add -device ....), labeling the device (ism_op -label <device> ......) and finally mounting the device (ism_op -mount <device>......)
    - The devices can point to tape, files, etc. so it is possible to backup your database to the local disk providing you have enough space.

    To get a better understanding of how ism works you can refer to the informix manuals.

    Luis Torres

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