We have 2 dual xeon servers (PCC-SQL1,PCC-SQL2) running windows server 2003.
They are on a cluster with the virtual Server name as PCC-GP. We have the production GP database on the default SQL instance of PCC-GP. On the PCC-SQL1 physical server, we have 2 SQL instances TEST and BETA. Both TEST and BETA have installation of GP.

I have a .NET app that imports INVOICES to TEST GP using econnect .net dlls. My econnect version is When I ran it remotely on my workstation (WinXP), I got the error "MSDTC on server PCC-SQL1\TEST is unavaliable". So I followed the instructions on http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;301600 to setup the MSDTC on the cluster. It solves that error message. From that I am sure econnect uses distributed transaction.

After that I ran into another error "The transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions." I went into Administrative Tools > Component Services > Computers > My Computer, right-click properties, go to MSDTC tab, click on "Security Configuration", I enabled all the check boxes under "Network DTC Access". Because of the cluster environment, I tried do the same thing on PCC-SQL2, however the "Security Configuration" button is grey out. After that, I still got the same error. I tried ran my program against PCC-GP, same error. So I moved my app locally on the server, it ran fine.

Please help.