Is there a format function in MDX which will help me solve the following

One of my measures is Net Sales and I have tried all different formats
in Analysis Services so that it shows without the decimal places i.e.
instead of showing the Net Sales for any selected combination of
Dimensions as 123,456.04, I want to show it as 123,456

When I browse the cube (in Analysis Services), I can meet my
requirement. However, in my front-end (Microsoft Data Analyzer), I am
still getting it as 123,456.04 (even when the same in Analysis services,
i.e. when I browse the cube, is being shown as 123,456).

I do not have much choice at the moment and am stuck with Microsoft Data
Analyzer and unfortunately have not been able to solve this

Can someone think of a solution/workaround/use of MDX which will help me
get the results being displayed without the decimal.

Many TIA