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    Unanswered: Form event when displayed


    I posted the following about 3 months ago, but no-one replied :-(

    Can anyone help?

    I have a dialogue form for displaying status information about the database. It goes off and counts various tables and takes a few seconds to get the data (tables are linked as well - across a network - just to help slow things down!).

    I want to be able to open the form with a label saying something like "Calculating...." then get the information and display it when ready.

    All the form events to do with opening, loading etc all happen before the form is actually displayed to screen.

    How can I launch a piece of code to get the data, once the form is visible on screen?



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    Any way that you want ... Sounds like you could use a function do do your dirty work for you ... Put the call in the Open method of your form ... And for giggles you could put a call to a "popup" for telling the user that the form is calculating ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    I would create a new form. Then call this new form. Its job would be to call the slow loading form and also display a message to the user that the data is loading. You could use the On Timer and the Timer Interval to do a little animation. You may also need to use DoEvents to make sure stuff is updated. I can also see that you could use the OpenArgs of this new form to call it for other slow loading forms (if you have any). Pass in the form name and the message you want to display. Then have the little for display the message, open the form and do a little animation.

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