Setup: 10gAS ( infrastructure on Linux, 10gAS ( report services (middle tier) on W2K

Other important info: The 10gAS middle tier is loaded on the same box as a 9iAS infrastructure. They are loaded in different Homes.

Scenario: Restart reports services. Run a report giving a full path URL. Once that is done we can run abbreviated path (relying on REPORTS_PATH) successfully and we can run full path URL again also. Restart reports services. Try to run an abbreviated path report. The report hangs and can not be killed. A full path URL has the same problem. The only way to stop the job(s) is to kill the service.

I have looked at log files in reports\logs, server\logs and trace files but I do not see anything glaring.

There is a family patch that we could apply, but we are reticient to apply that patch until this "version" is working. Maybe upgrading will fix?? It should be be noted that we have opened TARs on this issue and Oracle has advised against upgrading until this issue is resolved also.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.