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    Question Unanswered: Confused PivotItem.visible works with =false, but does not work with =true

    I'm Confused,... PivotItem(i)=false works, PivotItem(i)=true doesn't work

    'works -> pvtTable.PivotItems("productTEST").Visible = False
    'doesn't works -> pvtTable.PivotItems("productTEST").Visible = True

    Even when I let Excel Macro recorder do the work of selecting and then try to run it, it does not work.

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    You only need PivotItem(i)=false. This is so you can exclude selections from your pivot table, the same as selecting the drop down box on the field and unchecking the box. If you do not have the PivotItem(i)=false statement, then the Item is included and a 'true' statement is not needed.


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    Thanks Buckeye,...

    I really wanted to deselect and select different products in the pivot table. It is created by someone else and is not consistent from day to day with what is in the pivot field, generally over 200 items in the table. I guess I could do one product group, get the results and then close and reopen the spreadsheet again for a different group of products to select. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks again!

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